Internal Wayfinding
Is Really This Easy With PointsMap!

How Does Internal Wayfinding Work in PointsMap?

Internal Wayfinding Is Easy with PointsMap!

   PointsMap is an online, interactive software and customized App that allows you to add your own Points of Interest, Custom Categories and Icons on your unique map. PointsMap also allows you to add multiple Inside Maps (floorplans, images, etc.) to your points. You can even add Point Categories and Icons to your inside maps creating a virtual tour of the inside of a building.
   Wayfinding is then built on the inside maps so the user can select starting and ending points, then PointsMap will find the best path, draw the path on the inside map on your smart phone and step you through the path segment by segment while providing "turn by turn" directions.
PointsMap is a "software" solution and requires NO Additional Hardware Installed!
   And more... PointsMap does not require anything other than the users phone connection to the internet. No new hardware to install and maintain! PointsMap's Internal Wayfinding is a "software" solution.
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PointsMap is a Win for Hospitals

Watch how Memorial Hospital has used their PointsMap Wayfinding to meet their needs.


    PointsMap has many different options and configurations. Contact us and we can put together a custom quote for your facility. Whether large or small, PointsMap is affordable, easy to build and easy to maintain.