Educational Facilities

    Educational campuses are evolving entities; their growth can be complex - buying the available office space next door, adding a new wing to a seventy-year-old building, or simply having to build vertically due to space restrictions.
    Even under the best circumstances, these facilities may be confusing and the campus can become a dizzying maze of corridors, elevators, and even restricted areas.
    Now, PointsMap introduces a solution to that problem. Help your visitors, your students and faculty to easily find their way through your facility.



    How much does it cost when someone is late for an appointment, meeting or class because they got lost within your facility trying to find where they were supposed to go? How important is customer satisfaction to your facility?



    No matter how complex the facility, internal wayfinding computes the shortest, most efficient path and can help your visitors, students and staff get to their location faster and without getting lost or disoriented. Help them navigate "inside" easily with PointsMap.


Turn Key

    We offer "turnkey" development for your Educational Facility, inside and outside... or we can train your staff and you can build your PointsMap yourself - whatever you prefer!

Want to Try Internal Wayfinding for Yourself?
   Clicking the link below will open the Chattanooga State App Simulator page. This will allow you to use your mouse like you would use touch on your smartphone and see the App in action.
   We will give you step by step directions to let you pick a starting point and a destination, the simulator will then display the path on the map exactly like it does in the real App and display turn by turn directions.
   It's a quick and easy way to "test drive" the Internal Wayfinding in the App and "See it in Action!".

Please Note: When launching the App Simulator a small pop up window will appear asking for permission to store local files, just click OK. - The App Will Not Store Any Files, it's just a simulation.

Try it Yourself

    PointsMap does so much more than Internal Wayfinding. Find out more about PointsMap and all it's features and benefits by visiting


Open the App and Scan The Code:

    Open the Chatt State App on your Smart Phone and Scan this code. (You may also pick any point from the inside maps as a starting point.)
    Tap "Get Directions from Here" and pick any destination. You can pick a "category" of destinations like "Office", "Entrances" or "Restrooms".
    Click the green NEXT button to move through the segments of the path. As you go you can tap on a point you are passing to see a photo and detailed information about the point.

Where Am I and Guide Me Codes

QR Codes can be used to help your user find out exactly where they are inside the building ​and they can create a path from where they are to commonly used pre-set locations inside the building.

Where Am I Codes

   Signs can be created using QR Codes that when scanned with the PointsMap App will open the inside map and highlight exactly where they are inside the building.
   Signs can be used at entrances, destinations, elevators, stairways and even outside of restrooms. Your users will never be lost again!


Use Guide Me Codes

   Guide Me QR Codes are "One Step" Codes that offer a customer a preset path from where they are to commonly used, popular destinations.
   They simply scan the Guide Me Code for the proper destination and in One Step, the path is created and the first segment and walking instruction appears.


Use the Inside Maps

   Your user can select from multiple floors inside their building and can pan and zoom the map. They can choose from categories of points and tap the points on the map to get more details. These details of a point can include photos, descriptions and links to videos and PDF's. Every point on the inside maps can function like a mini website.

Turn by Turn Directions

   Your PointsMap App Smart Phone Users will get  easy to follow  Step by Step and Turn by Turn Directions, highlighting their walking path Segment by Segment, instructing them which way to turn and even what they will pass as they walk the Path. As they tap the Green Arrow the next segment of the walking path will be highlighted and the next instruction will be presented.

   It's Just That Easy! They can even plan ahead before they leave home by using their Desktop or Laptop Computer and find out where to park and which entrance is the best and closest to their destination.


Try it Yourself

   PointsMap does so much more than Internal Wayfinding. Find out more about PointsMap and all its features and benefits by visiting


    PointsMap has many different options and configurations. Contact us and we can put together a custom quote for your facility. Whether large or small, PointsMap is Affordable, Easy to Build and Easy to Maintain.

POINTSMAP: More than just Wayfinding!

    PointsMap does so much more than Internal Wayfinding. Find out more about PointsMap and all it's features and benefits by visiting