The Healthcare CHI Memorial App Simulator
    CHI Memorial, a hospital, utilizes the PointsMap App's internal navigation feature to help visitors navigate the hospital's many buildings. With QR codes posted throughout the facility, app users can easily locate exactly where they are inside a building, find nearby Points of Interest and easily navigate from any point to any other point inside using their smartphone.
   You can use the CHI Memorial App Simulator to try Internal Wayfinding.

The App simulator should show a “Welcome to CHI Memorial. What would you like to do?” screen. If not you may need to:

  • Click the green “Accept” button
  • Click the blue “Start Using the App” button

Under Guide me to: Tap on An Office of Medical Service
Normally, to pick their starting point, a user would SCAN a QR Code sign that shows them exactly where they are in the building and it would automatically be selected as their starting point.
Since you are using a simulator and cannot scan a QR code,
tap on Choose from a List.
All the possible destinations throughout the entire facility are listed below.
Tap on Filter by Category and Select Entrances.
Pick a starting point from the filtered list.
For example: Select Entrance E - Emergency Services
You will now see your starting point indicated on the screen
Tap Next


    PointsMap has many different options and configurations. Contact us and we can put together a custom quote for your facility. Whether large or small, PointsMap is Affordable, Easy to Build and Easy to Maintain.